The Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme at the University of Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment is a multidisciplinary research centre working to be the world's best place for research and teaching on sustainable finance and investment. We were established in 2012 to align the theory and practice of finance and investment with global environmental sustainability.

We research environment-related risks, impacts, and opportunities across different sectors, geographies, and asset classes; how such factors are emerging and how they positively or negatively affect asset values; how they might be interrelated or correlated; their materiality (in terms of scale, impact, timing, and likelihood); who will be affected; and what affected groups can do to pre-emptively manage risk. Since our inception we have conducted pioneering research on stranded assets and continue to undertake significant research on the topic.

The production of high-quality research on the materiality of environment-related factors is a necessary, though insufficient, condition for these factors to be successfully integrated into decision-making. Consequently, we develop the data, analytics, frameworks, and models required to enable the integration of this information.

We are pioneers and advocates of 'spatial finance', a term we have coined that refers to efforts to bring geo-spatial capabilities into financial analysis. As such we are developing new asset-level datasets through data science and combining these with new approaches to spatial analysis, scenarios, and stress tests.

We also research barriers to the adoption of practices related to sustainable finance and investment. This includes the role of governance, norms, behaviour, and cognition, as well as policy and financial regulation in shaping investment decisions and capital allocation.

The Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme is based in a world leading university with a global reach and reputation. We work with leading practitioners from across the investment chain (including actuaries, asset owners, asset managers, accountants, banks, data providers, investment consultants, lawyers, ratings agencies, stock exchanges), with firms and their management, and with experts from a wide range of related subject areas (including finance, economics, management, geography, data science, anthropology, climate science, law, area studies, psychology) within the University of Oxford and beyond.

The Global Sustainable Finance Advisory Council that guides our work contains many of the key individuals and organisations working on sustainable finance. The Council also has a role in helping to informally co-ordinate and share information on sustainable finance and stranded assets work internationally. The Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme's founding Director is Dr Ben Caldecott.