The Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme is a world-leading centre for research and teaching.

Established in 2012 we work to align finance with sustainability. The centre is multidisciplinary and works globally across asset classes, finance professions, and with different parts of the financial system.

We are uniquely placed by virtue of our scale, scope, networks, and leadership to understand the key challenges and opportunities in different contexts, and to work with partners to ambitiously shape the future of sustainable finance.

Led by Dr Ben Caldecott, the centre has pioneered research on, among other things, stranded assets and spatial finance, and works across many of the key areas of sustainable finance, including risk and impact measurement, supervisory and policy development, and innovative financing mechanisms.

[Title: Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme, University of Oxford]

Dr Ben Caldecott (Founding Director, Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme): My name's Ben Caldecott, I run and founded the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme. The Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme is a research and teaching centre based here at the University of Oxford. It's focused on how do we align finance with sustainability and that has two parts: how do we make sure that investment and finance is supporting the transition, and the other part is how do we make sure that the environment, environmental change, climate change, all of these things, are properly integrated into financial institutions decision-making to manage different risks?

We have a variety of different research projects and research themes, we have a number of different courses, we convene - we bring people together - around solutions, we're thought leaders, we work very closely with financial institutions, with governments, with regulators, and really with all of our work what we're trying to do is to define what best practice looks like on sustainable finance and then socialize it through things like our courses to make sure that they're adopted and make a real difference.

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