27 February 2023

P3S Academy launches new training courses as enrolments surge

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The University of Oxford’s Public and Third Sector Academy for Sustainable Finance (P3S Academy) is launching four new courses in 2023.

Founded in 2021 by the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group (OxSFG), P3S Academy arms public and third sector officials with the knowledge, networks and skills to help shift the direction of global capital away from unsustainable activities to those aligned with the Paris Agreement. It has since taught 1750+ participants from 100+ countries and 300+ organisations, and 55% of these participants have come from the Global South.

Andrew McCarthy, Head of Capacity Building and Partnerships, OxSFG & P3S Academy deputy director, says the Academy is gearing up to teach around 5000 participants over the next two years: “P3S Academy has become a significant agile resource for building capacity on sustainable finance among the public and third sectors globally, and these new masterclasses will further increase its impact and reach.”

The new classes, which are funded by philanthropy and free to participants, include:

Masterclass in transition finance and sustainability-linked instruments

Led by Dr Gireesh Shrimali, Head of Transition Finance Research, OxSFG, this course will be taught over three live online lectures. It will provide public servants and third sector representatives with a foundational understanding of transition finance as well as key concepts, new asset classes, and market insights.

Masterclass in sustainable finance for journalists

Journalists can play a critical role in advancing the sustainability agenda through their ability to report on - and hold to account - financial markets and actors. This online masterclass has been developed to give journalists the technical knowledge and theory they need to effectively report on sustainable finance stories.

Masterclass in transition planning

This live online course will equip participants with the knowledge of why transition plans matter, what to look for in a “good” transition plan. It will also teach them to identify and mobilise the levers they have for encouraging companies and financial institutions to deliver ambitious and action-oriented plans.

Masterclass in sustainable finance for Japanese policymakers and regulators

P3S Academy are delivering an in-person introductory sustainable finance course for Japanese policymakers and regulators on the 27th March 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. It will support the work of participants in greening the Japanese financial system and scaling the deployment of capital into green assets.

Dr Ben Caldecott, Faculty Chair of P3SA and the Lombard Odier Associate Professor of Sustainable Finance at the University of Oxford, comments:

The public and third sectors urgently need to develop broader and more in-depth capabilities in finance generally and sustainable finance in particular. This is currently a major capability gap and a persistent structural weakness. By increasing our offering of classes at P3S Academy, we aim to play a leading role in addressing that gap.

To find out more and to apply, please download the P3S Academy brochure.