Business Green: Big banks' big footprint: UK financial institutions responsible for double UK's annual carbon emissions, report warns

A report from WWF and Greenpeace found that UK banks and investors are responsible for almost double the UK's net annual carbon emissions. Dr Ben Caldecott, director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme, told Business Green: 'UK institutions providing financial products and services globally can make a massive contribution to solving the problem and there is no time to lose.'


Significant fall in cost of financing renewable energy projects

New research from the Sustainable Finance Programme tracks how the financing costs for energy projects, measured through loan spreads, have changed over the past 20 years and finds that financial institutions are viewing renewables as less risky and coal as more so. Oil and gas financing costs have exhibited significantly less change.


The Telegraph: How can we create a greener future?

As UK citizens, should we all be doing more to make our money matter? Writing in the Telegraph, Ben Caldecott, Director of Oxford's Sustainable Finance Programme, encourages individuals to invest in companies that can prove their environmental credentials. "Getting our capital to speed up the transition to environmental sustainability is a key lever and one of the most important ones we have."

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