Oxford group launches sectoral ESG data quality initiative


The Oxford Sustainable Finance Group (OxSFG) recently launched an independent assessment of data quality within sustainable finance, dubbed the Sectoral Data Quality and Integrity Project. OxSFG believe that providing clear sector-specific guidance on data quality and characteristics will help improve and align the datasets that underpin different reporting and analytical frameworks.


As the world heats up, could 'carbon clubs' supercharge climate action?

Forbes' David Vetter explores a new working paper by Bethan Adams, Kaya Axelsson and Adam Parr on the concept of an international "Carbon Club." A Carbon Club is a group of countries who individually introduce a Border Carbon Adjustment (BCA) on carbon-intensive imported goods, working independently but in parallel. Adam Parr told Vetter that "Pricing signals are a fundamental principle of how markets operate, and taxing bad stuff is a fundamental tax principle of how governments operate."


Graduate students flock to Smith School MSc

The 2022 iteration of the MSc in Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment was the University of Oxford's most applied to graduate programme in November 2021, and the 4th most applied to in January 2022, according to latest admissions figures.The programme, which is still in its inaugural year after launching in September 2021, has received