Seasonal affective disorder - or SAD - isn't just 'winter blues'

Dr Laurence Wainwright talked to Sky News about seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, including some of the common misconceptions. "People say just go off to southern Europe on holiday for a few days and you'll be right as rain, but that's not the case with mental illness. This is a serious medical condition," he said. 


UK meat consumption at lowest level since records began, data reveals

Meat consumption has declined 14% since 2012, according to The Guardian. Dr Mike Clark comments: "The UK national food strategy recommends a 30% reduction in meat consumption by 2032, while the Climate Change Committee recommends a 35% reduction in meat consumption. Meeting either of the above targets requires a doubling in the rate of meat reduction compared with the rate from the last 10 years.”


Major developments in the UK offshore wind farm industry

Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment released research which indicates that wind and solar power have the ability to provide enough energy to ‘vastly surpass’ the UK’s current needs. Dr Brian O’Callaghan believes that the UK needs to take it’s lead from the US and implement incentives around renewable energy.


10 questions with Professor Cameron Hepburn

Cameron Hepburn, Battcock Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Oxford, finished his 5-year tenure as Smith School Director on 1st October. Here, he answers 10 questions covering his academic career, the secret of unleashing success in an institution, and plans for his sabbatical.


If the first solar entrepreneur hadn’t been kidnapped, would fossil fuels have dominated the 20th century the way they did?

Dr Sugandha Srivastav tells the story of George Cove, a little known inventor who's solar business came to an abrupt end in the early 20th century when he was kidnapped, and calculates what the world may have lost. "If we embrace the spirit of optimism seen during Cove’s time and make the right technology choices, we can still reach the sun-powered world he envisioned all those years ago."