Trees could cut urban heatwave mortality by a third: study

Planting more trees in urban areas to lower summertime temperatures could decrease deaths directly linked to hot weather and heatwaves by a third, according to new research. Dr Laurence Wainwright told France24 that "urban tree planting -– on the right scale, in the right places, and under certain other conditions -– likely leads to a modest-yet-real reduction in heat-related deaths in many urban areas."


Demand for ESG expertise reveals ‘competence greenwashing’ risk

The recruitment drive for ESG experts has highlighted concerns about candidates misrepresenting their competence and experience in the field. Smith School Business Fellow Ranjita Rajan speaks to FT Sustainable Views about the need for transparency, collaboration and continuous learning. Climate change risk is a vast and scientifically complex area, so “how can we assume that a board member with an ESG responsibility is a climate change risk expert? It's important to strike a balance between calling out greenwashing, while acknowledging that organisations, boards and individuals need the space to get things wrong, learn, and do better."