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Climate Litigation Lab


Our Climate Litigation Lab, led by Benjamin Franta, applies rigorous, multidisciplinary research methods to practical challenges presented by climate change litigation. We interface with climate litigation practitioners and stakeholders from around the world to understand the strategic and evidentiary landscape informing climate litigation efforts in various jurisdictions and conduct research across the natural, social, and legal sciences to help enable just and effective legal outcomes at scale. To that end, the Climate Litigation Lab leverages the research carried out across the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme and beyond to advance litigation-relevant insights.

Projects, programmes, and special initiatives

Project: Systemic Lawyering

Practitioners and academics lack a broad framework to assess and compare the systemic outcomes of legal interventions in the climate sphere, for both actual and projected results. They rely on ad hoc approaches to assess to how legal intervention can address climate change-related issues. As a result, interventions may be less effective than they could be and it is difficult to share understanding of strategic priorities across the community of practice.

We develop frameworks and approaches to evaluate the systemic impact of legal interventions. We refer to this approach as 'systemic lawyering', with the ultimate objective of triggering systemic change towards climate-friendly outcomes rather than measuring the outcome of a specific case or transaction. We will scale up the approach to establish multidisciplinary frameworks and evaluation tools, and apply these methods to a wider range of subjects beyond the pilot project on deforestation.

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The Climate Litigation Lab was established in fall, 2022 and is currently growing. Inquiries can be sent to

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If you have any questions, would like to learn more, or want to get involved: please contact Benjamin Franta. For general questions about the programme please email Oxford Sustainable Law Programme information.