Our success depends on people joining together for a shared goal. No single discipline has all the answers needed to advance a more sustainable future, and we have found that many exciting new ideas come from dedicated collaboration between different fields – legal and otherwise. That is why our team is led by academics with a diverse range of disciplinary backgrounds. Together, we are committed to producing high-quality, agenda-setting research.


Anna Christie, Departmental Lecturer in Law and Finance, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

Research assistants and consultants

  • Hrishikesh Barman
    Project: Building novel climate greenwashing databases using machine learning.
  • Blaire Bernstein
    Project: Using law to address international state fossil fuel financing.
  • Cheryl Cheung
    Project: Exploring potential applications of Victim Compensation Funds in the context of U.S. climate litigation.
  • Sam Faroqui
    Project: Building novel climate greenwashing databases using manual methods
  • Vanessa Fetter
    Project: Litigation opportunities for addressing investor-facing climate greenwashing.
  • Benjamin Hitchcock
    Project: Building novel climate greenwashing databases using manual methods.
  • Lara Ibrahim
    Research Assistant (DPhil Candidate, Law, Oxford)
    Project: Climate change and international human rights.
  • Sindi Kuçi
    Project: Litigation opportunities in the carbon offset industry.
  • Kuberan Kumaresan
    Project: Potential climate damages litigation in Southeast Asia
  • Guilherme De Magalhaes
    Research Assistant (Master of Law and Finance Candidate, Oxford)
    Project: Identifying opportunities for climate litigation financing.
  • Sol Meckievi
    Consultant (SLP)
    Project: Climate change and human rights.
  • Gastón Medici-Colombo
    Consultant (SLP)
    Project: Climate change and human rights
  • Patrick Hegarty Morrish
    Research Assistant (DPhil Student in History, Trinity College, Oxford)
    Project: Mobile pastoralists and the international legal regime in a climate of change: case studies for strategic litigation.
  • Meghana (Meg) Patakota
    Project: Climate Litigation AI Resource Assistant (CLARA).
  • Caroline Medeiros Rocha Frasson
  • Jake Rutherford
    Project: Climate Litigation AI Resource Assistant (CLARA).
  • Lucy Temple
    Project: State of climate loss and damage science and law (Climate Litigation Lab). 
    Research Assistant 
    Project: Attribution of climate change impacts on health (Climate Law & Science).
  • Annika Weis
    Project: Building novel climate greenwashing databases using manual methods.
  • Ewan White
    Research Assistant 
    Project: Legal limits to CO2 removal to meet climate goals.
  • Gwenyth Wren 
    Project: Identifying jurisdictions for strategic climate litigation.

Research Students

Adam Parr, Business Fellow & DPhil Candidate, Smith School of Enterprise & the Environment

Youcef Rahmani, DPhil Candidate focusing on sustainability service providers

Nick Young, DPhil Candidate in Law

Short-term Research Associates

Dr. Federico Riganti, Assistant Professor (ricercatore/RDTb) in Economic Law and Financial Market Regulation, University of Turin

Professor Myles Allen, Professor of Geosystem Science in the School of Geography and the Environment and Department of Physics at the University of Oxford, Director of the Oxford Net Zero initiative (Geosystem Science)

Professor Liz Fisher, Professor of International Environmental Law at Oxford University (Environmental Law)